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Earn Your Paralegal Diploma and train for a career in law and justice administration. Be job-ready in 14 months!

Exciting Career Opportunities

Paralegals play an important role in today’s justice system. Professional Paralegals, sometimes called Legal Assistants or Legal Secretaries, work closely with lawyers, prosecutors and public defenders and serve as valued members of a legal team. Individuals in this profession work under the supervision of an attorney and, though Paralegals cannot provide legal advice, they do provide vital assistance to trial and case preparation. If you’re a detail-oriented, organized individual interested in the intriguing field of law, then a paralegal diploma program may be a good fit for you.

Paralegal Courses Modular Training

Our Paralegal program uses a modular system of training. In modular programs, theoretical and practical issues are closely integrated, and learning outcomes are clearly defined.

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Expert Paralegal Courses

Paralegal Courses

The Paralegal diploma program at Maritime Business College is designed to equip students with the knowledge and practical skills necessary to function effectively as a Paralegal or Legal Assistant. As a successful graduate, you’ll enter the professional world with confidence after gaining plenty of practical experience in necessary administrative and legal matters.

Experienced Paralegal professionals may choose to specialize in a particular area of law, such as: Litigation, Personal Injury, Corporate Law, Criminal Law, Intellectual Property, Labor Law, Bankruptcy, Immigration, Family Law, or Real Estate.

Practical Hands-on Training

Our Paralegal diploma program employs a variety of techniques to ensure that students thrive in a stimulating environment. In addition to traditional classroom instruction, our Instructors employ field trips, guest speakers, industry videos, team projects, online interaction, case studies, role-playing, and mock simulations.


Graduate in 14 months

Attend Paralegal courses for 12 consecutive months, and then complete two months of on-the-job training. During this period, students have a winter break, spring break, summer break, and are off on statutory holidays. Take our Paralegal Program, and receive your Diploma in just 14 months!

Attend classes from Monday to Thursday, and have Fridays off for a job or recreation. Four day weeks limit your travel and therefore minimize your travelling costs. Attendance on Fridays is optional if students want extra help.

Note: Attendance on Fridays may occasionally be required to make up for unanticipated cancellations.

Why Maritime Business College?

Our Paralegal courses are taught by industry experts, and students benefit directly from the breadth and depth of their experience. And our curriculum is accelerated so that you finish a two-year program in just 14 months.

Maritime Business College is accredited by NACC. This is the highest accreditation possible for our industry, and it validates that we offer high-level career training.

Are you ready?

To learn more about Paralegal courses and to explore if this is the right career path for you, fill out the form to receive additional information. A helpful Maritime Business College Admissions Representative will assist you with everything from course questions to financial aid and help you discover your perfect career path. Click here if you would like to book an appointment with an Admissions Representative.

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Meet some of our recent Paralegal Graduates.

Mariah Nickerson, Paralegal

Upon successful completion of the Paralegal Plus program, Mariah began working at Harris North Law.  She has many duties inside the firm being the only Paralegal, at this time, employed by Harris North Law.   Her duties include: Drafting correspondence and legal documents; Assisting with real estate transactions (purchases, sales, and refinances);  Monitoring the PC Law… Read more “Mariah Nickerson, Paralegal”

Mariah Nickerson, Paralegal Plus Graduate 2016
Paralegal, Harris North Law

Nancy Snow, Hearing Assistant

Upon successful completion of the Paralegal Plus program, Nancy began her work term at McInnes Cooper, she then applied for a position at the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board and is now a hearing assistant. She provides administrative assistance during hearings by controlling evidence and exhibits, recording the hearing, and acting as the first… Read more “Nancy Snow, Hearing Assistant”

Nancy Snow, Paralegal Plus Graduate 2016
Hearing Assistant, Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board

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