Student Profile – Cameron Shay

Published: February 11, 2021

Cameron Shay is using his time at Maritime Business College to realize his goal of owning his own business.

Cameron enrolled in the Business Administration and Marketing program on Oct. 5 after graduating from Central Kings Rural High School in June.

The Berwick resident decided to enroll at MBC after researching at the program including what’s covered in the modules, the Monday to Wednesday schedule and the 14-month timeline that encompassed two months of on-the-job training. At the same time the flexibility allowed him to adequately do any other work related to his studies done and still hold a part-time job.

He considered programs from the Nova Scotia Community College, but wasn’t interested in having to do classes online and liked how he could finish a similar two-year program sooner.

“You get a lot done in the eight hours you’re here,” says Cameron. “You treat it like a job because if you don’t show up attendance is a big thing.”

He adds a lot is packed into the three-day schedule each week. So far he has learned about accounting, how to use Sage 50 for putting information in a system about a business, how to find out if the business is making money at the end of the month and more.

His family owns Shay Tirecraft, an automotive business, with locations in Berwick and Wolfville where he wants to work following graduation.

“I came here (MBC) to take the marketing and I really like how there’s a module about sales because I do like outside sales and I would like to be out on the road selling tires, getting people’s business and hopefully one day becoming owner of one of the shops,” says Shay.

Prior to enrolling at MBC he had considered taking a year off to work, but after looking into the course contents with his father they agreed it would be a perfect education to groom him to work in the company.

“I think this will get my base under me and I should be good to go after that. I think people should look at this (school) over some other schools honestly for business.”

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My experience at Maritime Business College filled in the knowledge gaps I needed to launch my business. The instructors went above and beyond in helping to make it happen.
Davan Skelhorn
What a great year! I learned so much on both an academic level and personal level. Thank you so much!
Monique Reade
Paralegal Graduate
I’d probably be flippin’ burgers somewhere if it wasn’t for all of you and your patience and incredible understanding! I absolutely love my job!
Beth Collins
I am enrolled in the law enforcement program and I absolutely love it! It's hands on. The instructors are super friendly and all the staff are wonderful as well.
Chianne Witter
Corrections and Law Enforcement Graduate
Maritime Business College

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