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Earn Your Veterinary Assistant Diploma. Train for a career in animal care & administration

Do you love animals? Does working with animals every day sound like the perfect career? If this sounds like you, then a career in animal care is the perfect fit for you! At Maritime Business College, you can pursue a career in animal care with a Veterinary Assistant Diploma. Graduate job-ready in just 11 months and start your fulfilling career as a Veterinary Assistant.

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Work with Animals Every Day

While many Veterinary Assistants are actively involved in office administration, their key responsibility is the compassionate care of animals.

Veterinary Assistants support veterinarians and technicians in their daily tasks by cleaning and maintaining equipment, feeding, exercising and grooming patients, preparing and sanitizing surgery suites, and restraining and handling patients. They are also actively involved in clerical and administrative work, including customer reception, records management, and scheduling appointments.


Become a Support Worker for Animal Care

As a Veterinary Assistant, you’ll play an essential role on any team in the animal care profession. Veterinary support is a field for compassionate and capable animal lovers. Your main job is to ensure a comfortable, safe and sanitary work environment.

Supporting veterinarians in providing comfort to pet owners may be one of the most important aspects of the job. It assures them that your clinic is committed to giving their pet the best possible treatment.

As a Veterinary Assistant, you’ll be able to choose from many different workplaces. Veterinary Assistants work mainly in clinics and hospitals, helping technicians treat the injuries and illnesses of animals. You can choose to work in small private practices or large veterinary hospitals. However, there are also many jobs available in pet daycares, boarding facilities, farms, kennels, shelters, pet stores, animal rehabilitation centres, and zoos.

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Veterinary Assistant Diploma Courses

As a Veterinary Assistant, you’ll learn about the terms and procedures you’ll see and hear every day in a veterinary office. Learn to educate clients and assist key members of the veterinary staff when needed. At the end of the program, you’ll put your skills into practice with an eight-week practicum in a real veterinary care environment. Some of the courses you’ll take through the Veterinary Assistant Diploma program are:

  • Animal Nutrition and Immunology
    Learn the basics of canine and feline nutrition, infectious disease, and vaccinations. In this course, you’ll learn how animal nutrition and illnesses affect an animal’s health. The course emphasizes reading pet nutrition labels, the different types of vaccinations and feeding necessary for different environments. When you finish this course, you’ll be able to effectively communicate the basics of animal nutrition and immunology to your clients in the workplace.
  • Veterinary Software Applications
    Manage the medical data of a veterinary office. In this course, you’ll learn about the administrative procedures in a veterinary office in Nova Scotia. You’ll learn about the software and documentation you’ll need to be able to use in the animal care profession. As a result, you’ll have the valuable, hands-on experience you need to be an asset in any veterinary office.
  • Clinical Procedures
    Showcase what you’ve learned with real situations you’ll see in the animal care profession. In this module, you’ll role-play situations that you’ll see as a Veterinary Assistant and be given the chance to apply your knowledge. In this course, you’ll receive direct feedback that will help you deliver the best possible service in the animal care profession.

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NOC Code: 3213 – **Wage data is for employees in all ranges of experience in the field, rounded down to the nearest dollar, and based on Nova Scotia data. Local (or regional) income may vary.

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