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Interior Decorating Diploma Program

Do you have a passion for transforming spaces? Does choosing the right design for a space excite you? If this sounds like you, then interior decorating may be the right fit for you! At Maritime Business College, our interior decorating diploma program is your entry into a career that harnesses your creativity, style, personality, and passion. When you graduate, you’ll have the skills you need to make the most of any space.

As an interior decorator, you’ll create and implement decorating plans for homes, offices, shops and other professional spaces. As a professional in this business, you might advise clients on colour schemes, layouts, lighting, furniture, floor coverings, paint, wallpaper and more.

Your interior decorating diploma will give you comprehensive training in transforming residential and commercial spaces. Learn to create functional and aesthetically pleasing spaces that wow your clients. Additionally, you’ll become a valuable asset in the workplace with skills in project management and business practices. Students will be trained in construction plan drafting, space planning, visual communications, and the elements of design. This is a ‘hands-on’ course where our talented, experienced instructors mentor students throughout the program. To finish off, you’ll take what you’ve learned to the workplace with eight weeks of on-the-job training. When you graduate, you’ll have a competitive edge as you begin your interior decorating career.

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Interior Decorating Modules

At Maritime Business College, you’ll take modules with clearly-defined learning outcomes. Some of the modules you’ll take are:

  • Interior Decorating and Styling:
    Learn the fundamentals of the design process. In this module, you’ll learn about the principles and elements of design, colour, lighting, textiles, and furniture. When you complete the module, you’ll have a broad range of knowledge that you can apply as an interior decorator.
  • Kitchen and Bath Design:
    Kitchen and bath design is a specialized service within the interior decorating and design professions. In this module, you’ll gain industry-standard skills and expertise to apply what you know about design to kitchen and bath spaces. Learn to analyze client requirements and develop solutions based on function, aesthetic, durability, and surrounding environment.
  • Residential and Commercial Space Planning and Construction
    In this module, you’ll learn about the technical aspects that need to be considered when designing for interior and commercial spaces. Learn the structural, technical, and mechanical systems within built environments. Become well-versed in building codes and regulations so that your designs are always up to standard. This module will also introduce you to valuable industry-standard software like Autocad, Google SketchUp, and Photoshop. The skills you’ll learn in this set of modules will be invaluable as you enter the workforce.

Graduates Salary

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*Employment Rate based on contactable MBC graduates from the last four years employed in a related field.
NOC Code: 5242 – **Wage data is for employees in all ranges of experience in the field, rounded down to the nearest dollar, and based on Nova Scotia data. Local (or regional) income may vary.

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Here is what our students have to say
My experience at Maritime Business College filled in the knowledge gaps I needed to launch my business. The instructors went above and beyond in helping to make it happen.
Davan Skelhorn
What a great year! I learned so much on both an academic level and personal level. Thank you so much!
Monique Reade
Paralegal Graduate
I’d probably be flippin’ burgers somewhere if it wasn’t for all of you and your patience and incredible understanding! I absolutely love my job!
Beth Collins
I am enrolled in the law enforcement program and I absolutely love it! It's hands on. The instructors are super friendly and all the staff are wonderful as well.
Chianne Witter
Corrections and Law Enforcement Graduate
Maritime Business College

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