2D/3D Animation and
Digital Arts Diploma

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Earn Your 2D/3D Animation and Digital Art Diploma and train for a career in animation. Be job-ready in 24 months!


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If you are creative and love to dabble in today’s digital technology, then you are destined for a career as a Digital Animator. Earn your diploma in 2D/3D Animation and Digital Art in just 24 months! When you finish the program, you will leave with an outstanding portfolio and demo reel that will wow potential employers.

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2D/3D Animation and Digital Arts Courses

At Maritime Business College, you will receive hands-on training from industry experts. Learn the essential skills you need to pursue a career developing digital animation for video games, animation films, visual effects, and more! Some of the courses you will complete throughout the program are as follows:

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Make Passion Your Profession

The 2D/3D Animation and Digital Arts diploma program at Maritime Business College is a great first step to launch your career as a 2D or 3D animator. Successful graduates from the program are able to choose from several career paths including (but not limited to) the following:

  • 3D Modeler
  • 3D Texture Artist
  • 2D/3D Animator
  • Lighting Artist
  • Concept and Layout Artist
  • Storyboard and Pre-visualization Artist
  • Rigging Artist
  • VFX Compositor
  • And more!
  • Learn By Doing

The courses you will take in the 2D/3D Animation and Digital Arts program will provide you with opportunities to work on projects that will take your portfolio to the next level. Your hands-on training will come from industry experts who know what it takes for you to succeed in the animation industry. Learn to design compelling characters, game levels, and storyboards that will captivate your audiences.

3D Art & Design:

Train in the art of 3D computer graphics. In this course, you will become efficient and detail-oriented in modelling, texturing, sculpting, lighting, rigging, and rendering graphics. Apply your knowledge by creating industry-quality assets, characters, and environments that are ready for film, TV, or game entertainment.

Game Production Studies:

Do you dream of designing your own video game? In this course, you will explore the fundamentals of digital game design and the development process. Learn about the different roles in a development team and the different phases of game development projects. By the end of the course, you will be familiar with game- and level-design, game mechanics and their applications, and how players interact in different games types.


Classical Animation Studies:

Develop your drawing skills by applying the fundamental principles of animation: squash and stretch, follow-through/overlapping, anticipation, timing, key posing, and in-betweening. In this course, you will learn about weight balance, timing, and the fundamentals of traditional animation that bring animated characters to life using 2D animation software.

Meet Our Instructors

2D/3D Animation and Digital Arts
Skyler Greencorn
Department Head - 2D/3D Animation & Digital Arts Instructor
Skyler Greencorn is a professional 3D Artist, Creature Designer, Freelance Artist and Filmmaker who has garnered province-wide success in his 12+ years in the Computer Graphics industry. He received his teaching certification from the Jane Norman College and has training in Mental Health First Aid. He’s received awards for his work on the platforms 3D Total and Sketchfab, while also vending his growing portfolio at numerous events across the HRM.
Matthew Goodmanson
2D/3D Animation & Digital Arts Instructor
Matthew Goodmanson is an award winning 2D/3D artist with over 20 years of experience performing various roles in an art pipeline. After graduating from the 3D Animation and Visualization course at MacKenzie College in 1999, Matthew headed to Sydney, Nova Scotia, where he helped produce TeleTOON’s Halloween Special, Evil Scmeevil, first as a concept artist and storyboard artist, and then as the production manager.

Graduates Salary

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*Employment Rate based on contactable MBC graduates from the last four years employed in a related field.
Source: JobBank.ca
NOC Code: 5241 – **Wage data is for employees in all ranges of experience in the field, rounded down to the nearest dollar, and based on Nova Scotia data. Local (or regional) income may vary.

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Here is what our students have to say
My experience at Maritime Business College filled in the knowledge gaps I needed to launch my business. The instructors went above and beyond in helping to make it happen.
Davan Skelhorn
What a great year! I learned so much on both an academic level and personal level. Thank you so much!
Monique Reade
Paralegal Graduate
I’d probably be flippin’ burgers somewhere if it wasn’t for all of you and your patience and incredible understanding! I absolutely love my job!
Beth Collins
I am enrolled in the law enforcement program and I absolutely love it! It's hands on. The instructors are super friendly and all the staff are wonderful as well.
Chianne Witter
Corrections and Law Enforcement Graduate
Maritime Business College

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