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Human Services Support Worker Diploma Program

More than a career. It’s an emotional calling.

Our Human Services Support Worker courses teach students how to assist the disabled by developing their life skills and by teaching them how to care for themselves. Your clients grow and flourish, and you improve the quality of life for both your client and their family.

You will be trained to work with disabled clients that face physical, mental, and/or intellectual challenges. Your clients will learn essential life skills to achieve independence, including employment skills, financial management, and socialization. They will overcome stigmas, and ultimately feel empowered.

Take our Human Services Support Worker Program and graduate in less than a year!

A rewarding career where you can truly make a difference!

Support Worker coursesThere is a great deal of joy and satisfaction from seeing your clients develop and flourish. You help provide a richer quality of life for both the disabled and their families and caregivers. You are a champion of true change!

This is also a fun and social business. Engaging in recreational activities with your clients is an important part of their fulfillment and development.

Career Opportunities

Graduates are prepared for employment as human service workers in government, community-based agencies, health care or educational facilities providing services to individuals with mental, emotional, learning and/or physical disabilities.

This is a career with high employability. The hours can be flexible, and shift work is a big opportunity. This freedom makes it a great career for single parents, and self-employment is a common outcome.
This is an excellent career opportunity for parents that have developed first hand experience caring for others . There is also a strong demand for young people that enjoy sports and recreation.

This is not a job for paper pushers…it is a fulfilling, hands-on career with a great deal of personal interaction.

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